Bearing liners – regeneration

Very short lead times.

In ROMBEX foundry we regenerate all kinds of bearings, including: bearings for old cars, sliding stones, thrust bearings , frame bearings, generator bearings and large bearings supporting the main shaft of the vessels.

Slide bearings

Slide bearings are bearings that do not have any moving intermediary parts as in the case of rolling bearings. In slide bearings the rotating element (usually a shaft) is placed directly in a bushing (bearing liner). Often, this bushing is poured with bearing metal, which reduces the effects of friction and is resistant to changes in temperature which in turn prolongs the life of the bearing.

The most commonly used in the foundry ROMBEX bearing metal is tin-based alloy designated as Ł89L, which is the best alloy available on the market. We also use other alloys based on tin (e.g.: Ł83, Ł82) and lead (e.g. Ł10As).

When ordering, please submit a technical drawing of the bearing or if the drawing is not available, a sketch or photo of the bearing with specified dimensions (shaft diameter, bearing alloy layer thickness, the width of the bearing liner, and information about any grooves, so-called swallow tails.

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Regeneration of the acetabulum – examples

Short lead times

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