Very short lead times.

ROMBEX produces anodes of any shape and size. Production of anodes takes place in a very short time – usually 1 to 3 business days.

Advantages of zinc anodes

any shape
any size

meeting Polish
and international standards

combination of the purest
alloy materials

much better 
corrosion resistance

Zinc anodes in a very swift dates

ROMBEX foundry produces zinc anodes for galvanic protection of hulls, ballast tanks and other parts of vessels and offshore structures exposed to corrosion.

Zinc anodes are manufactured from an alloy formed from the combination of the cleanest materials meeting Polish and international standards (e.g. : PN-86/E-05030/05, U.S. Mil – Spec 18001, DNV RP B401).

Shapes and sizes of most frequently manufactured zinc anodes are given in the catalog (the link above).

When ordering, please refer to the symbol of the anode from our catalog or specify the dimensions, the shape of the anode and mounting way. It will be very helpful to also send a drawing or sketch of the anode.

anody cynkowe

Our Anodes

Short lead times

ROMBEX provides services of widely comprehended non-ferrous metals industry branch from productions for the needs of industry, through artistic casting, memorial, commemorative plaques and bells casting, to orders for the needs of small businesses and private persons.

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