Very short lead times.

Odlewnia ROMBEX produkuje tuleje o średnicach do Ø=900mm.
Tuleje są odlewane metodą odśrodkową co gwarantuje wysokie parametry wytrzymałościowe.

tuleje Rombex


anody Rombex


regeneracja panewek Rombex

Bearing liners regeneration

odlewy kształtowe Rombex

Shaped castings

odlewy artystyczne Rombex

Artistic castings

pomniki z brązu Rombex

Bronze monuments

analizy chemiczne Rombex

Chemical analysis

Our castings are made of alloys with a specific chemical composition.
Among used in our foundry materials there are:

Bronzes and brasses:

  • B101 (CuSn10P)
  • BA1032 (CuAl10Fe3Mn2)
  • B555 (RG5 – CuSn5Zn5Pb5)
  • RG7 (CuSn7Pb6Zn4)
  • B102 (RG10 – CuSn10Zn2)
  • BA1044 (CC333G – CuAl10Fe5Ni5)
  • B10 and B12 (CuSn10 and CuSn12)
  • MO59 (CuZn39Pb2)
  • as well as rarer grader such as the B443 , B663 , B520 , B1010 , B476 , BK331 , MK80 , M63 , MA58 ,
  • and not listed above grades made to order ,


  • AK11 (AlSi11)
  • AK9 (AlSi9Mg)
  • AK7 (AlSi7Mg)
  • and other alloys on request ,

Tin and lead (bearing metals):

  • Ł89L (SnSb8Cu4Cd)
  • L83 (SnSb11Cu6)
  • L82 (SnSb12Cu6Pb)
  • Ł10As (PbSb14Sn9CuAs)
  • as well as pure tin, Sn99,99%,
  • and refined lead Pb985R and Pb970R.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials we are ready to accept an order for custom materials, produced on request.
Minimum order quantity for custom alloys are negotiable.

Short lead times

ROMBEX provides services of widely comprehended non-ferrous metals industry branch from productions for the needs of industry, through artistic casting, memorial, commemorative plaques and bells casting, to orders for the needs of small businesses and private persons.

+48 58 307 12 02

We also produce sleeves from many other grades of bronze and brass, aluminum, zinc and bearing alloys, of which the most important are:

B102, RG7, B10, B12, BA1044, BK331, B663, B520, B1010, B476, MO59,
MK80, M63, MA58, AK11, AK9, AK7, Z1, Ł89L, Ł83, Ł82, Ł10As.

When ordering please specify the grade of material, dimensions (diameters: external and internal, length), specify whether these are the final dimensions or dimensions with surplus.

Any questions?

+48 58 307 12 02

Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy "Rombex" Sp. z o.o.

Non-ferrous metal foundry

We produce mainly bronze bushings, centrifugally cast, with outer diameters up to Ø = 900mm and zinc anodes for galvanic protection of vessels and steel structures. Among the many castings of non-ferrous metals, that is bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc. produced in our foundry, those that deserve the special attention are bronze memorials that adorn growing number of parks and squares throughout Poland.

Good location of foundry in the shipyard-industrial area of the city in the vicinity of three large and several smaller shipyards, as well as many other shipbuilding, machinery, railway companies caused the company firmly established its presence in the region. With success we realize errands for every branch of industry by offering good quality castings and short lead times. With many years of experience of the founders and employees we provide services at the highest level.

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