Artistic castings

Very short lead times.

In the foundry of ROMBEX we made, in addition to many of the sleeves, anodes and other industrial castings, also many works of art.

Works of art

Artistic casting is appreciated by us a branch of non-ferrous metals industry. Therefore, in our foundry often are made all kinds of statues, figurines, plates and plaques , as well as balusters, medals, bells and many other artistic castings. We undertake to comply both single pieces and series of castings.

Art castings produced in the foundry of ROMBEX are performed by the following methods : casting in sand molds , casting using oil close-model masses , casting by lost wax models (so-called cire perdue).

odlewy artystyczne

Artistic castings – examples

Short lead times

ROMBEX provides services of widely comprehended non-ferrous metals industry branch from productions for the needs of industry, through artistic casting, memorial, commemorative plaques and bells casting, to orders for the needs of small businesses and private persons.

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