Shaped castings

Very short lead times.

The ROMBEX foundry produces all kinds of statuettes, figurines, plaques and commemorative plaques, as well as balusters, medals, bells and many other artistic castings. We undertake the production of both single pieces and series of castings.

Castings of all shapes

Another important group of castings produced in foundry of ROMBEX are shaped castings produced on the basis of model or existing item. The experience of our staff allows us to manufacture castings of all shapes from small to large sizes.

We often cast all kinds of covers, seals, propellers, brackets, propellers tip. Such castings can be made on the basis of casting models, and properly prepared existing items (even damaged).

odlewy kształtowe

Short lead times

ROMBEX provides services of widely comprehended non-ferrous metals industry branch from productions for the needs of industry, through artistic casting, memorial, commemorative plaques and bells casting, to orders for the needs of small businesses and private persons.

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