Very short lead times.

The sleeves of bronze, brass and aluminum are primarily used in the shipbuilding industry, but also in many other industries.

Advantages of centrifugally produced bushings

higher hardness
better plastic properties

more compact structure
better degassing

greater durability
static and dynamic

much better 
abrasion resistance

High quality centrifugally cast bushings

ROMBEX foundry produces bushings with diameters up to Ø = 900mm. The sleeves are cast using a centrifugal method which ensures high durability parameters.

Standard length of sleeves produced is 400mm, but often there are made sleeves of other lengths up to 700mm! Manufactured sleeves are delivered to the customer after roughing.

rodzaje tulei Rombex

Currently, the most commonly used grades of bronze


B101tin bronze, CuSn10P, resistant to corrosion, abrasion and high mechanical loads;  
B555tin-lead-zinc bronze, CuSn5Pb5Zn5 , resistant to temperatures up to 225°C; 
BA1032aluminum bronze, CuAl10Fe3Mn2 , very resistant to static loads, corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures;

We also produce sleeves from many other grades of bronze and brass, aluminum, zinc and bearing alloys, of which the most important are:

B102, RG7, B10, B12, BA1044, BK331, B663, B520, B1010, B476, MO59,
MK80, M63, MA58, AK11, AK9, AK7, Z1, Ł89L, Ł83, Ł82, Ł10As.

When ordering please specify the grade of material, dimensions (diameters: external and internal, length), specify whether these are the final dimensions or dimensions with surplus.

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Bushings production – examples

Short lead times

ROMBEX provides services of widely comprehended non-ferrous metals industry branch from productions for the needs of industry, through artistic casting, memorial, commemorative plaques and bells casting, to orders for the needs of small businesses and private persons.

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